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On this episode of the hockey strength podcast, David is joined by the strength coach, author, and pioneer in the S&C space (and one of the first ever NHL strength coaches), Peter Twist.


Coach Twist shares his climb from graduate student to the NHL, discussing some of his unconventional mentors, and ow they helped him develop his own perspectives on leadership, athletic development and life.


He shares how periodization should allow athletes to chase long-term goals, while also keeping the sights set on game-day performance, and the diamond periodization Coach Twist uses.


Coach Twist shows explains how the current conception of “functional training” does not exactly mesh with the intended purpose behind the functional training philosophy.


To round out the show, Peter provides a very brief overview of the many different projects he is currently working on in an attempt to share his wealth of knowledge and help others live a healthful, fulfilling life.


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All the way from Vancouver B.C., Coach Peter Twist joins us to discuss his long and successful career in sport performance. He talks about his experiences with the Vancouver Canucks and writing the book, Complete Conditioning for Ice Hockey before heading into the private sector. Coach Twist also walks us through the details of fascial line training and getting out of the weight room for running in the mountains. This episode is packed with positive and insightful tips that you do not want to miss!


I want to make sure that we had time to talk to our one of my favorite humans on the planet. This is Peter Twist. Anybody that’s been in Pete or rehab in the past, I was trying to figure out how long it’s been since I first spoke to you. And it was 20 years. Yeah, easily. I would probably like when you think of it, I’d say, Oh yeah, that was nine or ten. But I think you’re correct. And it’s great to see you today. I appreciate joining you. Oh, I just love talking to you.


Peter Twist is a Coach, Author and Sports Scientist. He joins Dr Erica Harris to share experience and wisdom learned through surviving Stage 4 cancer, finding his best self through embracing struggle, and thriving above it all.

The Rise Today Inspirational Podcast is here to empower you to use your adversity to move to greatness! Here we create a space to open up the conversation about hard days and hardships, and we strive to change the lens through you choose to see your world. Here you will learn to choose happy! Here you will be inspired and empowered to thrive alive, to rise up, and to own every second of the gift of today! Brought to you by two relentless health warriors who have truly thrived alive through hardship And are here to inspire you to do the same! Here we go, let’s get up and thrive alive!


This year, Peter Twist has a lot coming out.  He’s starting a new digital education business that will be continuing to provide accredited certifications for trainers, coaches, therapists and those shifting other professional careers (like law or finance) into coaching, to align with something they are more passionate about.  This program will be called TWIST University, and it launches at the end of this month!  It’s going to be amazing, and it will even help trainers differentiate via specialization into sport performance, functional training, sports medicine, and more.

Also this year, he’s going to be launching his Comeback B2C program which is heavily geared towards helping people with the mindset to persevere, overcome, heal, restore, and comeback to being their best selves ever.

He’s got a lot on his plate, a lot to give, and a lot of work ahead of him, and we all hope that you join him on his journey!

The Overcomers podcast interviews people about overcoming adversity. We believe that adversity can become your advantage. We ask people to tell us how their past has built muscles instead of scars. The topics that we cover include abuse, addiction, incarceration, depression, anxiety, health problems, loss of income, loss of employment. Each person will share how they navigated these situations in life to become the Overcomer that they are today.


Today Sandy Webster interviews Peter Twist, MSc, 2013 IDEA Fitness Inspiration Award recipient and 2010 IDEA Program Director of the Year.

Twist has not only helped to shape our industry over the past 25 years, he also has profoundly impacted IDEA’s path and that of countless fitness professionals, clients and athletes. He has been a shining star, mentor and beacon of positive energy. He recently made the monumental decision to close the doors of his successful brick and mortar businesses in Vancouver due in large part to frustrations with COVID-19 restrictions in North America. He speaks candidly about closing this chapter of his career and gives a glimpse of what comes next.

Pete has held many leadership roles in our great industry. In a CV with too many achievements to detail for such a brief intro, here are but a few bullets from his highlights reel:

Pete is a sport scientist, academic researcher, a coach to professional and everday athletes, an author and subject matter expert who has tirelessly shared his knowledge around the globe. He is an entrepreneur, industry disruptor and contrarian. When everyone else is zigging, Twister is almost always ZAGGING. Topping the list of his leadership traits are his boldness to blaze unique paths and his generous spirit. Once he does the heavy lifting and clears the way, he circles back to the trailhead and pulls others along with him. He is a builder of bridges and a true visionary.

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Man, oh man…I’m so excited to share my guest with you today. I have fitness-industry icon Peter Twist on the show and you are in for a real treat. I’ve known “Twister” for 25 years and he is a legend in the field of training & sports coaching. Peter has been awarded 13 industry awards and is recognized as one of the top leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide in fitness and coaching.


“Twister” is a force of nature, and in this part 1 of a 2 part series, he shares his story on how he overcame a stage-4 cancer diagnosis and how he shifted from angry, scared, and alone to being determined to take his health literally into his own hands. Peter shares what got him through the battle and his fight for life, how he got his mind right during the fight, and how you must quarterback your own health every day to maximize your energy, vitality, focus, and quality of life.


This episode is a must-listen-to for any parents, kids, entrepreneurs, or high performers looking to be their very best! Please also share it with your community and on your social media and be sure to tag Pete and me so we can reciprocate some love!

The Todd Durkin IMPACT Show is a podcast designed to motivate and inspire you to live a life full of passion, purpose, and IMPACT. It’s guaranteed to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. The IMPACT Show is for anyone who seeks high-performance in business, sport, leadership, or life.


We are back with Part 2 of “Quarterback your own Health” with my good friend Peter Twist. In this part 2, Pete shares the next phase of life after battling Stage-4 throat and neck cancer, changes with Twist Conditioning, survival during the pandemic, and now creating a new life from a blank canvas.


There is great wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration in this episode so buckle up and listen to the passion and spirit that is Peter Twist. Twister discusses:

  • Why he recently shut down his iconic Twist Conditioning Center during COVID-19 to create a “Small Giant” and much more!
  • Energy shifts in life and how and why we must listen to them.
  • What he is creating in the next “chapter” of life.
  • Advice to fit-pros & trainers today.
  • Going from success to significance.
  • How you “Get your mind right” in today’s craziness.

The Todd Durkin IMPACT Show is a podcast designed to motivate and inspire you to live a life full of passion, purpose, and IMPACT. It’s guaranteed to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. The IMPACT Show is for anyone who seeks high-performance in business, sport, leadership, or life.


In Episode 186, the Two Fit Crazies welcome THE Peter Twist, who is joining the show from his home in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. If you have yet to hear of the amazing Peter Twist, you are in for a HUGE treat! Peter, or Coach Twist, shares his story of growing up in Canada, falling in love with team sports at an early age, and becoming the very first strength and conditioning coach for the NHL. From hockey, to baseball, to tennis, to football, to mountain biking, to skiing, to ocean kayaking, to trail running, Peter was always fascinated with movement. However, after attaining a master’s degree in coaching science, he soon realized that he didn’t want to be a head coach of a sports team, but that he wanted to be a strength and conditioning coach to mold athletes through developing their speed, agility, strength, balance, flexibility and more. Peter was a visionary when it came to understanding the importance of plyometrics and functional exercise to improve the “whole” athlete. Peter discusses the process of turning his dreams into a reality through his determination and mindset practices that not only landed him the job as the first NHL strength and conditioning coach, but also a “cancer crusher.” It is no wonder that Peter Twist is a highly coveted world-renowned speaker whose resilience and passion for changing lives is unparalleled. Be on the lookout for Peter Twist’s upcoming books and continuing education courses! He may just convince you to “get out of your own mind and into your heart….and that the best form of wealth is being enriched.”

-Two Fit Crazies

Christine Conti and Brian Prendergast, aka Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone, discuss Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Running, Longevity, Vitality and Healthy People Doing Healthy Things. Guest Stars on the Regular!


In this episode Peter Twist and I have a conversation on what sparked is desire to buld his company Twist Perfromace and all it entailed to get it up and running to mainting the high level of success it has reached. Peter talks about power in movement and all it truly takes to go beyond just repetition and daily activities. He shares with me the season of cancer that he went through and how it has impacted. Taught him to truly be there for himself and in order to thrive you have to choose daily to live. He let’s us in on mindset and so much more. This was truly a heartfelt conversation full of inspiration, knowledge, strategies to use and so much more. If you enjoy this episode please like, subscribe to the podcast and leave a rating and review for it truly does help get my guest value you out there to more listeners and let’s me know I am on the right track. Also please tag Peter and I on social media letting us know what you think! @coachpetertwist & @sparkplugwellness truly appreciate you all so very much.

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From a background as a competitive athlete and NHL strength and conditioning coach, Peter Twist has become a world leader in sport conditioning and athlete development.   Peter’s mission is to expand the way fitness methodologies train athletes, and how he does business to inspire and get his athletes to THRIVE as he has throughout his life.

We are interviewing some of the industry’s best trainers, gurus and fitness pros who inspire fitness in various ways.

They will share their journey with you, what sparks their fitness drive and how they push themselves every day so they can inspire you.

Hear all the juicy fitness hacks, not only on how they help transform their clients bodies, but how they help transform their lives.


Peter Twist is a pioneer in the functional fitness industry and leader in sport conditioning. Based out of North Vancouver, Twist Sport Conditioning franchises have grown to a global scale. Peter was the strength and conditioning coach for the Vancouver Canucks for 11 seasons, he is a well accomplished author, lecture, educator and entrepreneur.

Peter has a contagious Spirit towards work, life, family and the earth. It was simply a pleasure to reconnect with this gem of a man!

Vancouver Real is a podcast dedicated to cultural evolution. It is a melting pot of ideas, beliefs and questions explored by hosts, brothers, Andy (@andyzaremba) and Mike Zaremba with guests both local and international. It is a talk-show style of show both audio only and video versions of the show. Episodes typically last for 60-90 minutes. The brothers are also business partners for their commercial float centre, Float House, with 4 locations located in British Columbia and Alberta