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‘Coiling’ is one of the 30 essential strength patterns for sport. The Pull-Rotate-Push focusses on 3 rhythmic power movements harnessing a load-and-go sequence to initiate each full coiling action. TWIST Methods achieve safe rotation of your spine that creates maximum power in real life + in sport. Strength training patterns must consider:

  • Athletic Biomechanics
  • Muscle and Fascia
  • Anatomy
  • Physics
  • Moving within Gravity
  • Sport-Specific Demands


..and how these all INTERPLAY.


In order to create maximum high-skill, high-output athletic strength + power, it’s crucial these elements work as a team.


Critically, that interplay must also unite with:

  • Sport Technical Skills

Offensive/Defensive TacticsProper strength training guidelines don’t just consider how muscle picks up a single dumbbell. To understand how to LIFT best for sport, you must become an expert at how you MOVE in sport.

If your lifting doesn’t parallel the athletic movement skill you are wanting to improve upon – including the mechanical strategies – then, the bottom line is you’re training to be strong in the gym versus strong in your movement.

It’s time to realize full your potential. Training is also about providing the physicality for skill improvement. Skill acquisition correlates to enjoyment and longevity in sport activities.

Athletic Strength + Power is accrued by the percentage of gym strength that actually transfers over into the sport action and recreational activities one hopes to optimally improve and enjoy to highest level.

  • 10 Essential Functional Strength Patterns
  • 10 3D Linked Strength Patterns
  • 10 Sport-Specific Movement Patterns

= 30 Strength Patterns for Sport

Coaches of athletes striving for peak performance and trainers of clients who desire an active lifestyle and for the lifespan must be highly skilled at teaching and coaching these 30 maneuvers inside the gym. Know if you are becoming gym strong or sport strong. There is a massive gap between the two.



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