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ARM DAY: Bicep Pushes

Original strength training exercises were developed based on how a muscle affects a single joint in isolation. Look at where muscles insert. When they shorten they act on the joint they cross. For your biceps muscle it closes the joint drawing the forearm towards the shoulder called arm flexion or in weight room language, ‘bicep curls’.

The thing is, we do not live move play or compete in isolation.

How to do Bicep Pushes.

TWIST Methods: Train your biceps by challenging it to connect the load, resistance or pull (think bands) out around your body > through to the shoulder and torso.

In this way you can impose stress all around my arms at different angles in different ways.

You will get the best results in strength and tissue adaptations, including gains in hypertrophy, by using a push motion.

The Set Up: select a weight you can hold with control in one hand. Here, Coach Twist is using a VipR

a) Move the weight up + around your body

b) Pause at a point of high resistance, to earn a balanced position

= this method results in your strength becoming magnified

This sequence of movements also ties the bicep into the shoulder as they work in concert together and LINKS the body together as a whole entity so it can perform better outside the gym. Long term strength has more to do with overloading your software than it does the hard drive. It’s a type of reverse engineering.

Our muscles are responsive because our brain pays attention. Figure out how to get the brain’s attention, then leave it to the brain to command the muscles.

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