TWIST Education produces human performance courses for brands like Under Armour, IMG, IDEA World, China Olympics, ACE, UN, Equinox and Virgin.

TWIST University prepares and certifies fitness, health and sport leaders internationally for specialty niche careers. 

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ADDRESS:  Vancouver, Canada

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Brain + Fascia = FUNCTION

- Peter Twist

 Your FASCIAL LINES comprise the largest sensory organ in the bodyYou have 4 Arm Lines of Fascial web connecting over 20 muscles in (1) Function & (2) Communication./vc_column_text]

Those muscles become ONE GROUP that functions differently than you were taught about anatomy + has much higher potential than how fitness trains muscle groups.

No muscle thinks or acts alone.

  • If you’re an athlete seeking the highest level of performance.
  • If you’d love to reclaim your physique, regain mobility in your joints and drastically improve your brain health.
  • If you’d like to stay active with fluid mobility and sharp cognitive function, this may be your fountain of youth

There is nothing more potent than organizing training based upon BRAIN + FASCIA function.


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