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What is load management?

Load management: The biomechanical skill, coordination, posture, position, angles, base of support and rhythm + with the muscle stiffness across joints & an adaptable fascia web linking multiple muscle groups into one pillar of strength./vc_column_text]

  • Good strength training lifts a load against gravity.
  • Great strength training balances a load lifted against gravity.
  • Excellent strength training integrates movement balancing a load lifted against gravity.

Exceptional strength training IS balance training.

To manage a load absorbed and stabilized into your body and while managing the load of your body mass into the ground.

Think of Load Management as your most important body skill. It makes it nicer landing your body mass into the ground and is the most valuable form of strength to possess in order to express your best in sport, recreation, active living and a more favourable training method for building new brain cells.

Yes – smarter training makes you smarter for both cognition and movement. Make part of your training practise the art of load management.


You’ll find this and more in the Art of Fascial Lines Training, published May 2022

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