TWIST Education produces human performance courses for brands like Under Armour, IMG, IDEA World, China Olympics, ACE, UN, Equinox and Virgin.

TWIST University prepares and certifies fitness, health and sport leaders internationally for specialty niche careers. 

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TWIST Methodology



The TWIST Training Methodology revolves on neural based training that overloads the athlete’s muscle communication system allowing them to perform sport-specific movements in a safe and effective manner. The primary design of this paradigm is to build a fully-functioning athlete through science-based strength and conditioning programming that leads to increased athletic performance, while decreasing the incidence of injury both inside the sport conditioning center as well as during the athlete’s respective sport.

Our systems are specifically designed to give athletes the critical edge they need in order to perform at the highest level of sport in the fastest manner possible.


The basis of TWIST Methodology is the proven science behind each of the foundations of functional training with practical exercises that combine progressions and regressions. The outcome is the ability to build up clients and athletes of any age, sport or ability through the layering of strength drills onto movement drills that creates an unparalleled level of neural complexity.

This distinctly unique training system created by Peter Twist, progressively trains multi-directional movement skills, speed, agility, quickness, deceleration, reactivity, balance and whole body strength and power. 

By focusing on building strength and stability from the inside out (core to periphery), the TWIST Methodology and Training Paradigm maximizes the athletes’ biomechanical potential for strength and power while ensuring that the athlete remains safe and structurally sound. 

Focusing on the body’s secondary fitness characteristics such as speed, power, quickness, and reactivity leads to an athletic body capable of performing at the highest level and remaining healthy throughout the entire training and sport season.  

Our training methodology gives “predictable autonomy” with a system ensuring continuity in the training style and outcome by coaches educated in the art of training so they are confident to autonomously tailor each day and each moment as it best matches the athlete on the day.