TWIST Education produces human performance courses for brands like Under Armour, IMG, IDEA World, China Olympics, ACE, UN, Equinox and Virgin.

TWIST University prepares and certifies fitness, health and sport leaders internationally for specialty niche careers. 

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% of people are looking to change careers
% of those over 30 are currently learning online
billion dollar sport, outdoor rec + fitness training
billion dollar market in digital fitness training
% increase in demand for trainers by 2030

'Shining Star'

Coach Peter Twist has been a shining star, mentor and beacon of positive energy for many. As a sport scientist, academic researcher, a coach to professional and everyday athletes, an author and subject matter expert who has tirelessly shared his knowledge around the globe, TWIST and Peter Twist helped shape our fitness industry for the past 25 years. He is an entrepreneur, industry disruptor and contrarian. When everyone else is zigging, Twister is almost always ZAGGING. Topping the list of his leadership traits are his boldness to blaze unique paths and his generous spirit. Once he does the heavy lifting and clears the way, he circles back to the trailhead and pulls others along with him. He is a builder of bridges and a true visionary, profoundly impacting IDEA’s path and that of countless fitness professionals, clients and athletes.

Sandy Todd Webster Editor in Chief, IDEA Publications, Outside Interactive, Inc.

Always Inspiring and Educational!

Peter! Love your workshops and courses. Inspiring, educational and fuelled by your trademark “you can do anything you put your mind to” positive attitude! You’re amazing and I’m with you on the 2022 “fresh start, bright days ahead” program! PS It’ll be 38 years for Sweat Co. this February!

Maureen Wilson

You Changed My Life

Your approach and teachings fueled my career with a fire that I needed. Fast forward 13 years, I own my own facility and I work 12+ hours each day with a smile on my face and a grateful heart. I love what I do and my clients love their workouts. Twister, you changed my life.

Christopher J Windover

The Heart and Science of Fitness

More in a "big picture" way, I have started to use the term "the heart and science of fitness" to describe what I do. And that comes, in large part, from you. The winning combination of challenging fitness, deep thinking, and a tender soul that you live by first rang true for me the first time I heard you say "Today I will give everything I have. What I keep inside I will lose forever." It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up - in a good way.

Jonathan Ross


Peter Twist's education was invaluable. It helped me grow into the trainer and business owner I am today. Training some of the best hockey athletes, one then an Olympic MVP, is the best reward possible. You and Dr. Anderson’s knowledge and guidance CANNOT GO UNNOTICED. Thank you for your mentorship starting out. Your success has just started my friend. And with your certifications and mentoring, so is mine!!

Frank Cammalleri

So Grateful

Peter, you...YOU are responsible for the way I teach EVERYTHING. I thought I knew 'stuff' until I walked into your session, by accident (it was fate), at CanFitPro that year. I had my eyes opened that day and have strived to improve the functional lives of my clients. None of them are training for marathons, but they are ALL training for quality of life, and you taught me that. Thank you for TWIST Certifications! I am grateful beyond words, to you, for your knowledge, your kindness and your friendship. Here's to new beginnings Coach. With much love and gratitude...xo

Karen Ross

You Actually SHARE!!

Peter, you have a teaching gift! You SHARE information with a passion to help others because you truly CARE about everyone you meet! Thanks!

Dan Isaacson

You Are My Yoda

Like many a personal trainer, I first encountered your techniques through doing an ACE Functional specialty in my continuing education. I have continued to seek out your courses and videos and I still constantly employ your approaches throughout my work with clients today— fascial line training, multi joint and multi planar movement, instability and Bosu balance work, the list goes on. Professionally I view you the way a rank and file Jedi would view Yoda— a Master of Masters. And the essential gentleness and decency of your personality shines through in your writings and thoughts. Can’t wait to see what you do next. And cheers to Bruno— a very good boy!

Kenneth Michael Clair


I have taken so many of your courses and lectures I cannot remember them all but TWIST UNIVERSITY courses on Sport Strength and Sport Balance teachings have stayed in my toolbox forever! I have integrated your training techniques into each program and into my everyday workouts, more than that, my life of movement! I think of you as my Fitness and Movement Guru and can’t imagine what the “Training World” would be like without your teachings and philosophy. Looking forward to your next chapter! and more of Bruno too.

Jacqueline Maria




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Our education culture is based on sharing like-minded passions for active healthy lifestyles and sport excellence. We mentor the characteristics of good energy and instill the empowerment of ‘I’, along with a shift in perspective from ‘me to we’.

We are driven to scale positive impact by setting people up for success to overcome difficulties, comeback from set-backs, heal > restore > build up and graduate into their most alive and physically capable state of BEING.

The goal of TWIST Education is to deepen the understanding of the brain and body connection in order to advance our craft even further. Through our programs and learning methods, we will continue to mentor our future leaders with programs structured from cutting edge research.

Our community goal is to shift our global society towards a healthier mind, body, spirit, food supply, animals and nature. We take great pride in having created a positive and uplifting community that is deeply grounded in our core values for showing up kind, genuine, respectful and possessing ‘I can Do It’ attitudes

Early identification of viable career paths will make a positive impact where students feel particular interest, passion and the inspiration to make a difference within their personal lives and communities.

Short duration specialty certification courses and learn + train programs have been developed, produced and delivered via our interactive on-line Learning Management Platform.

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